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BROOKLYN VEGAN says AZAR SWAN’s remix of “Bugatti” by Ace Hood will “blow your mind”

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“The track, which revisits the hip hop burner that featured Rick Ross and others, features vocalist Zohra Atash’s vocals over the hi-hat saturated track, and its a fun fun ride. Stream that below, alongside the original. Hold on, did they just invent ‘trap goth’!?!?”

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AZAR SWAN remix ACE HOOD and FUTURE’s “Bugatti” — Listen at MISHKA

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“Hip vixen duo Azar Swan (Zohra Atash + Joshua Strawn) are taking tribe-pop indie goth waggins and the whole of net music media by storm. All walks of switched-on early adopter are falling under their mystical, alluring spell. They bandy around chic New York coolness with more gusto than any moth who loved a flame and when their overseas tour hits, poppy-happy booking agents will make Azar Swan shows sell out with zero effort at all. They are on fire.”

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VON HAZE’s “Conduct Your Touch” featured on RENEE RUIN

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New Gorgeous Photos from Tempers by Elle Muliarchyk and Chiara Barzini

Photo by Elle Muliarchyk (@ellemuliarchyk)

Photo by Chiara Barzini

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LE CITY KITTY spotlights VON HAZE’s steamy video, “Conduct Your Touch”

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“Celebrating touch, skin, and all sexuality, Los Angeles based band Von Haze delivers ‘Conduct Your Touch.’ The music video written and directed by Todd Pendu stars New York icon and fashion muse to Carine Roitfeld, Andre J as the androgynous love God(dess) ‘blessing’ four couples locked in love and ecstasy. As bodies intertwine gender becomes irrelevant in a film about connection and unity, inspired by the Lovers card of the Tarot and the Alchemical Androgyne. The steamy soft porn video filmed by Andrey Piontkovski also showcases a wardrobe styled by Zana Bayne including her own namesake bondage gear.”

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THE WILD MAG says this summer “just got hotter” after posting VON HAZE’s new video



“This summer just got hotter with this week’s release of Von Haze’s music video for “Conduct Your Touch,” directed by Todd Pendu. The L.A.-based band’s dark guitar drones and cool, laid-back vocals are set to a sexually charged scene: immediately given the position of voyeur, we watch as New York City gender-bending icon Andre J. stars as the androgynous God “blessing” four couples who tumble in bed, their bodies interwoven such that lines dividing masculinity and femininity are blurred. The video cuts frequently, teasing us with brief peeks of each passionate moment: glances pregnant with meaning are exchanged; zippers unfasten fluidly; a single finger draws circles on soft skin. The caresses slowly crescendo to full-fledged intimacy.”

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AZAR SWAN included on ELECTRONIC BEATS’ Audiocult Vol. 63 playlist

electronic beats / audiocult

Azar Swan’s B side single “Over” is featured in Electronic Beats Audiocult Vol 63 playlist. Other musical selections include tracks from Vessel, The Green Window, and the Tropic of Cancer.

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Dates for STARRED’s North American tour with COURTNEY LOVE


STARRED supports Courtney Love as the pair continues their tour through the Midwest, Canada and the West Coast.

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“Conduct Your Touch,” new video by VON HAZE on SANG BLEU

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“Skin, leather, sexuality, and a simple message: whether gay, straight, lesbian, transgender; love knows no boundaries. This is Todd Pendu’s directorial debut (impressario of the PENDV empire), a sensual music video by LA band, Von Haze with beautiful cinematography by Andrey Piontkovski.”

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Morning Roundup by REFINERY29 features VON HAZE’s steamy new video, “Conduct Your Touch”


“Our favorite high-heels coach, Andre J, plays love god/dess in a stunning gender-bending music video that lets fashion make the political statements.”

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DIRTY FLAWS shows love for VON HAZE’s new video, “Conduct Your Touch”

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“There are so many familiar faces behind this fucking video its ridiculous – brands, stylist, designers, models, etc…and not to mention this song is catchy as hell. We’re already on round 4 here in the moose lodge.”

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HIGHSNOBETTE features VON HAZE’s new video for “Conduct Your Touch”

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BROOKLYN VEGAN Premieres B-Side “Over” from AZAR SWAN

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AZAR SWAN b side

“Azar Swan have released the “In My Mouth” digital single, a two track effort out now via Pendu Sound. You can check out both tracks — including b-side “Over,” making its debut in this post — which are streamable in this post.”

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“Conduct Your Touch” is a sensual music video from LA band, Von Haze, that celebrates touch, skin, and all sexuality be it gay, straight, lesbian, and transgender (only accidentally timely in this current climate surrounding DOMA). The video stars Andre J, a NYC icon and fashion muse to Carine Roitfeld, as the androgynous love God/Dess ‘blessing’ four couples engaged in intimacy and ecstasy, where their bodies intertwine and gender becomes irrelevant (look for cameos from bi-gendered artist Jordan Fox and Dylan Monroe, both NYC nightlife stars). The film itself is about connection and unity and was inspired by the Lovers card of the Tarot and the Alchemical Androgyne, but with a little “soft porn” and fashion thrown in the mix. The video also showcases a wardrobe from 5Preview, Logan Neitzel, Muubaa, New York Sex Trash, Norisol Ferrari, custom pieces by Zana Bayne (X PENDV), Bjorg, Chris Habana, House of Malakai, Maria Black, Mordekai by Ken Borochov, and Uncommon Matters.

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ELECTRONIC BEATS Editor’s Choice: features NANOSAUR’s remix of “Cousins Of The Antichrist” from CHELSEA WOLFE’s “The Grime and Glow”



“This week’s choices are things I’ve been relistening to based on excitement for upcoming albums. The first is NanosaurS’ beautiful, repitched remix of this Chelsea Wolfe classic, which essentially turns the Queen’s somber original into an all-chrorus bass-groover. Lovely and mindmelting.”

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Unheard track from AZAR SWAN premiers on A HEART IS A SPADE



“Exclusives on this mix include unavailable songs from the likes of azar swan and others, melding into a sweaty goth pop fury.”

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PlayGround Magazine explores Sasha Grey’s entry into the pornographic industry and her shift towards music with her collaboration with Pablo St. Francis to establish aTelecine on PENDV SOUND.

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W HOTEL interviews ZANA BAYNE for Room + Boards project featuring “Suicide High” by VON HAZE and “Cemetery” by STARRED

Keep an eye out for PENDV x ZANA BAYNE bracelets and harnesses in this video. Features “Suicide High” off of VON HAZE’s “KAR DEE AKK AKE” LP with intro song sampled from “Cemetery” by STARRED.

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Live recording of STARRED’s “Sure Bet” at TLA (06/20/13)


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