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UNRATED MAGAZINE reviews STARRED opening for COURTNEY LOVE at House of Blues Chicago

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“STARRED has just begun, the sleezy anxiety of profit margins and tourist traps falls secondary to the first legitimate performance of the night. It’s fascinating to watch the crowd. Empty and haunting guitar noise divide people between complete captivation and indifference, yet one can still tell a real sonic treat is about to be unfurled through the disguise of auditory minimalism.

Genuine applause and cheering erupt as the rest of the young band fills out on stage with a sound that sits somewhere between guitars tuning up between sets, and full throated vocals. You’re never sure if STARRED has just rocked your world or left you with a half cocked sneeze never to be expelled. It has been a long time since we’ve been exposed to good music that forces you to actually listen, and those in the crowd truly listening are rewarded with a memorable experience.”

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