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THE WILD MAG says this summer “just got hotter” after posting VON HAZE’s new video



“This summer just got hotter with this week’s release of Von Haze’s music video for “Conduct Your Touch,” directed by Todd Pendu. The L.A.-based band’s dark guitar drones and cool, laid-back vocals are set to a sexually charged scene: immediately given the position of voyeur, we watch as New York City gender-bending icon Andre J. stars as the androgynous God “blessing” four couples who tumble in bed, their bodies interwoven such that lines dividing masculinity and femininity are blurred. The video cuts frequently, teasing us with brief peeks of each passionate moment: glances pregnant with meaning are exchanged; zippers unfasten fluidly; a single finger draws circles on soft skin. The caresses slowly crescendo to full-fledged intimacy.”