Pendv Symbol

R x I x P x (2005-2013)


PENDV Sound is no more.

We had a good run from 2005-2013 releasing albums from Sasha Grey’s band ATelecine, Chelsea Wolfe, Tempers, Starred, Azar Swan, Von Haze, Mater Suspiria Vision, White Ring, as well as several noise compilations such as our Rippers & Creepers Comp and the Getting Rid of the Glue Compilation.

We are closing the doors. It was fun while it lasted and we were able to put out music that was important to us. We did it for love; we did it because we loved the artists and the music they made.

Please continue following the artists that were on our label as they continue their journey on other record labels. Go to their shows and make sure you buy their t-shirts, LPs, and CDs.

We send Love and Light to all of you! Wishing a bright future to all of our listeners’ as well as all the artists we worked with along the way!