Pendv Symbol

LIZA THORN of STARRED represents High Priestess capsule collection by Lindsey Thornburg and Lyz Olko


“The resulting range comprises hand-shredded denim shorts and jackets, destroyed T-shirts and tanks, printed ‘Don’t Exist’ tops that have been dipped in water so the lettering runs (one of Olko’s favorites), and a raw silk bomber jacket with ‘High Priestess’ embroidered across the back. ‘We just thought it made sense,’ explained Olko when asked about the title. ‘It’s definitely kind of trippy, but at the same time, it’s super feminine and regal.’

And who better to represent this gritty queen than Starred’s front woman (and Hedi Slimane muse-cum-campaign face) Liza Thorn? ‘Her voice is like a saint’s, and she’s hypnotic in a way—her personality and her music really suit the capsule, and she’s super seventies hippie rock ‘n’ roll, said Olko, who met the musician a while back through her pal, the Misshapes’ Greg Krelenstein.”

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