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CVLT NATION reviews CHELSEA WOLFE’s performance at the Echoplex

“Aside from the more chaotic noise rock elements that occasionally gather enough strength to overpower the soft side of Miss Wolfe’s graceful sonic waltz, the relatively quiet and personal touches that dot Chelsea Wolfe’s soundscape seemed to successfully ensnare the vast majority of attendees. For a show whose patrons spanned the gap between typical artsy LA twenty-somethings and steely-eyed metal vets, all were equally ensnared by the band’s spellbinding doom folk offerings – a sea of eager eyes, receptive minds and attentive ears.”

CVLT NATION posts a stellar, nearly poetic review and haunting photo essay of Chelsea Wolfe’s recent performance at the Echoplex. If you missed the show, this article is the next-best-thing to actually being there.

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