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New TEMPERS interview + editorial on SANGBLEU

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“It’s sometime near midnight along North Brooklyn’s renewed waterfront strip as singer-songwriter Jasmine Golestaneh and her instrumental right hand man Eddie Cooper, better known as the NYC-based duo Tempers, sit at the furthermost table of a vast and desolate wine bar, spiked with the scent of newly stained wood. They’ve tucked themselves away in an effort to escape the stark contrast to neighboring Glasslands Gallery, where they took to the stage earlier that night, opening for compatriots Amen Dunes and Suuns. With the ghosts of the East River and an industrial past adrift above their heads, Eddie takes notice of an ATM blinking neon blue light in the dark bathroom hallway.”

Interview by Nisia Wasilewicz
Photographer: Lea Colombo
Creative Director: Todd Pendu
Stylists: Zana Bayne and Todd Pendu
Stylist Assistant: Nick Blumenthal
Hair: Ryan Austin Kazmarek
Make-up: Mark de los Reyes
Wardrobe: Heather Lawton, Sally LaPointe, Acne, Alexandre Plokhov, Bijules, Chris Habana, Zana Bayne, Katie Gallagher and OAK

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