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R x I x P x (2005-2013)


PENDV Sound is no more.

We had a good run from 2005-2013 releasing albums from Sasha Grey’s band ATelecine, Chelsea Wolfe, Tempers, Starred, Azar Swan, Von Haze, Mater Suspiria Vision, White Ring, as well as several noise compilations such as our Rippers & Creepers Comp and the Getting Rid of the Glue Compilation.

We are closing the doors. It was fun while it lasted and we were able to put out music that was important to us. We did it for love; we did it because we loved the artists and the music they made.

Please continue following the artists that were on our label as they continue their journey on other record labels. Go to their shows and make sure you buy their t-shirts, LPs, and CDs.

We send Love and Light to all of you! Wishing a bright future to all of our listeners’ as well as all the artists we worked with along the way!

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TEMPERS playing Union Pool with BOOTBLACKS and XENO & OAKLANDER (9/13)


Purchase tickets here…

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ELECTRONIC BEATS features AZAR SWAN’s cover of “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama




Listen to it here…

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End-of-summer, Summer Jam! THE WILD MAGAZINE premiers AZAR SWAN’s cover of BANANARAMA’s “Cruel Summer”


“Zohra Atash and Josh Strawn deliver a dramatic version of the catchy original with fuzzy, thundering beats that transports you straight to the floor of a dark, dark disco. And Atash certainly doesn’t beat around the bush with the song’s message, her breathy, Kate Bush-like vocals aggressively doling out harsh realities with fiery snarls and whispers.”

Read full article on The Wild Magazine.

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Read a sexxxy excerpt from “The Juliette Society” by SASHA GREY of ATELECINE


“The following is an excerpt from ‘The Juliette Society’ [$15.00, Grand Central Publishing], a novel written by former pornographic actress Sasha Grey. Grey has likened her debut book to “Fight Club,” but with sex instead of fighting, as it delves into the tumultuous world of an underground sex group, and aims to promote sexual liberation:

We don’t talk about it in the morning. I oversleep and Jack’s already gone. I hate waking up and he’s not there. Some people are afraid to go to sleep alone. I’m afraid of waking up, never knowing whether the new day is going to greet me with an empty bed, and no one there to hold me.”

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LIZA THORN of STARRED represents High Priestess capsule collection by Lindsey Thornburg and Lyz Olko


“The resulting range comprises hand-shredded denim shorts and jackets, destroyed T-shirts and tanks, printed ‘Don’t Exist’ tops that have been dipped in water so the lettering runs (one of Olko’s favorites), and a raw silk bomber jacket with ‘High Priestess’ embroidered across the back. ‘We just thought it made sense,’ explained Olko when asked about the title. ‘It’s definitely kind of trippy, but at the same time, it’s super feminine and regal.’

And who better to represent this gritty queen than Starred’s front woman (and Hedi Slimane muse-cum-campaign face) Liza Thorn? ‘Her voice is like a saint’s, and she’s hypnotic in a way—her personality and her music really suit the capsule, and she’s super seventies hippie rock ‘n’ roll, said Olko, who met the musician a while back through her pal, the Misshapes’ Greg Krelenstein.”

Read more here…

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BROOKLYN VEGAN announces PENDU SOUND’s upcoming CMJ showcase at Europa





“NYC goth label Pendu Sound has announced that it will do its CMJ showcase at Europa on October 17 this year. It’s a lineup of all local duos, including Starred, Tempers, and Azar Swan (whose members were both in Religious to Damn). Tickets for the showcase on sale now.”

See it here…

Buy Tickets here!!

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AZAR SWAN editorial for GALORE MAG with Interview


“Sooooo we’re pretty much obsessed with Azar Swan right now (I mean, have you heard their Bugatti Remix!?!?)! With bass fueled beats, heavy rock vibes, and smooth siren-like vocals, they will literally make you feel like you’re in a mosh pit at a Lil Wayne concert where Britney Spears is the opening act- so basically, they’re EVERYTHING! We got to sit down with lead vocalist, Zohra Atash, and get all the details on the Afghan born, ghetto-goth goddess.”



Creative Director: Todd Pendu
Photographer: Jason Rodgers
Hair & Make Up: Tiffany Patton
Stylists: Todd Pendu and Zana Bayne
Stylists Assistant: Nick Blumenthal

See more here…

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13:13 interviews AZAR SWAN and debuts new track “Foreign”

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 4.53.07 PM

The interview by 13:13 asks Josh and Zohra (Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively) what brings them inspiration, how they channel it into their music and how this has propelled them to create a sound that by now, feels the most exciting and provocative to the duo Azar Swan.

Azar Swan – "Foreign" by 13:13 on Mixcloud

Read more here…

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VOGUE adds STARRED’s “LA Drugs” to its “Song-a-Day Playlist for Summer”



“‘LA Drugs’ by Starred: The amazing thing about a good music video is the way it can bring thematic clarity to a song. A few days ago Starred released ‘LA Drugs,’ in which puppets play the part of Liza Thorn and bandmate Matthew Koshak in a glamorous downward spiral, capturing the seductive and destructive allure of America’s Hollywood culture.”

See more here…

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V MAGAZINE interviews TEMPERS and premiers their cover version of SWANS’ “Killing For Company”


Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 1.01.00 PM

“Don’t you just love it when one of your new favorite bands covers one of your favorite songs by one of your old favorite bands? We’ve been playing this Tempers cover of Swans’s ‘Killing For Company’ on repeat, so we went ahead and got in touch with Tempers, just so we could nerd out more about Swans — and get these cool shots of Jasmine and Eddie.”

See more here…

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Upcoming shows: TEMPERS plays w/ BOOTBLACKS and XENO & OAKLANDER (9/13) and opens for MARTIN REV (of SUICIDE) and INFINITY SHRED (10/9)


Purchase tickets here…

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GALORE can’t get enough of STARRED’s music video for “LA Drugs”


“LADIEZ!!!!! Starred just released their latest video for their song “LA Drugs” and we ACTUALLY CAN’T (in a good way, obvs)! The video features former tween queen Sky Ferreira, rock goddess Jennifer Herrema, puppets making out with humans, and a plethora of other fun things that we’re SUPER in to! Check out the video below and get with the weirdness!”

See more here…

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TEMPERS’ Jasmine Golestaneh in V Magazine featuring Killing for Company cover

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 4.06.39 PM
Jasmine and Eddie release their own version of Swans’ Killing for Company. Their take of the song is explained in V Magazine during a photo set by Lea Colombo featuring Jasmine and Eddie flying through the air. ‘We work with totally different textures than SWANS, but there’s an emotional parallel,” says Eddie.

Read more here…

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The WILD Mag on STARRED’s “LA Drugs” video ft. Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema


The new music video for LA Drugs from STARRED is a trippy melange of intoxicated muppets (as Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak) with appearances by Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux, RTX, and Black Bananas). The dreamy soundtrack creates an accidentally provocative atmosphere — scenes seamlessly blend into one another, and the muppets float on through with inebriated grace. Created by Focus Creeps, “LA Drugs” is the latest music video from STARRED’s Prison to Prison EP (2012).

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CMJ says “Puppets go PG-13” in STARRED’s new video for “LA Drugs”

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 12.54.58 PM


“CMJ 2012 alum Starred have just released a video for ‘LA Drugs,’ off last year’s Prison To Prison EP. Not only does the clip invite Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema (of Royal Trux, RTX, and Black Bananas) into the mix, it features puppets smoking weed.

The video’s large-mouthed puppets somewhat goofily accompany the hazy dream track, chugging booze, crying in limos, head-banging and lounging with the band members and their special guests. It’ll make you think maybe we should’ve all been a little nicer to the Muppets.”

See more here…

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DIS Magazine takes us inside the making of STARRED’s new video for “LA Drugs”

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 6.45.15 PM


“Stoned muppets in the back of a limo is happening. The afterparty to Muppet Treasure Island‘s release was probably spent trying to dodge Miss Piggy’s blunt from marking your charcoal Helmut Lang overcoat, so consider 2013 the year of the puppet’s return thanks to Starred‘s new music video for ‘LA Drugs.’ Directed by Focus Creeps, who created video without the band’s knowledge, as well as creating the puppets with Natasha Newman Thomas and Patrik Sandberg, Starred (Liza Thorn and Matt Koshak) are brought into comic ambivalence through their plushy avatars.”

See more here…

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STEREOGUM features STARRED’s new music video for “LA Drugs,” directed by Focus Creeps



“Starred are a Brooklyn-based duo whose singer, Liza Thorn, used to be in a band with Christopher Owens; their stoned and elegiac “No Good” was one of my low-key favorite songs of 2012. And now they’ve made a video for ‘LA Drugs,’ one of the other songs from last year’s Prison To Prison EP, in which Thorn and her bandmate Matthew Koshak are replaced by oversized puppets. In the clip, directed by Focus Creeps and Man Kim Atelier, the puppet versions of Starred get fucked up and hang out with glamorous stoners like Sky Ferreira and Royal Trux veteran Jennifer Herrema.”

See more here…

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Watch STARRED’s new video for “LA Drugs” featuring SKY FERREIRA and JENNIFER HERREMA


Liza Thorn and Matthew Koshak star as inebriated muppets alongside songbird Sky Ferreira and Jennifer Herrema (Royal Trux, RTX and Black Bananas) in this hazy, dream-like video for their narcotic track “LA Drugs,” off Prison to Prison. Directed by Focus Creeps, the clip is filled with kaleidoscopic visuals and plenty of horseplay.

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