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End-of-summer, Summer Jam! THE WILD MAGAZINE premiers AZAR SWAN’s cover of BANANARAMA’s “Cruel Summer”


“Zohra Atash and Josh Strawn deliver a dramatic version of the catchy original with fuzzy, thundering beats that transports you straight to the floor of a dark, dark disco. And Atash certainly doesn’t beat around the bush with the song’s message, her breathy, Kate Bush-like vocals aggressively doling out harsh realities with fiery snarls and whispers.”

Read full article on The Wild Magazine.

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13:13 interviews AZAR SWAN and debuts new track “Foreign”

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 4.53.07 PM

The interview by 13:13 asks Josh and Zohra (Scorpio and Capricorn, respectively) what brings them inspiration, how they channel it into their music and how this has propelled them to create a sound that by now, feels the most exciting and provocative to the duo Azar Swan.

Azar Swan – "Foreign" by 13:13 on Mixcloud

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Listen to YOU.’s recent EP Fate is Over


While waiting for the band’s new single to be released on PENDV SOUND, listen to YOU.’s recent EP, Fate is Over, exclusively on its BandCamp page…

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UNREAL LIFE premiers AZAR SWAN mixtape ft. Massive Attack, Travi$ Scott, Ciara and more

unreal life

azar swan

“The first time I ever saw SALEM and Gatekeeper was in 2010, in the NYC venue Glasslands. It was the perfect spot for both: small, intimate, plenty of bass and so much fog you could barely see. The show was presented by Todd Pendu, a man who’s since become one of the city’s major underground movers. I tend to keep an eye on anything his label Pendu Sound is up to, and I’ve yet to be disappointed. Azar Swan, one of the latest additions to the roster, are the perfect example of modern dark music cut free from tired scenes: influences proudly worn, visually/audibly drenched in black but with unabashed pop love.”

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RITUALS mix025 by Josh from AZAR SWAN feat. Coil, Prurient, Andy Stott & more


Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 1.00.30 PM


1. Haus Arafna – Satanas and Friends
2. Sleep Museum – Without Foresight
3. Distel – Tide
4. The Klinik – We Are One
5. Herz Jühning – Reopened Eyes
6. Coil – Love’s Secret Domain
7. Rrose – Waterfall (Lucy Remix)
8. Prurient – Let’s Make A Slave
9. Andy Stott – Execution
10. Oneirogen – Mortisomnia

Download here RITUALS MIX025

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VON HAZE remix of “The One Left” opens DANIEL AVERY Rinse FM Show


Von Haze’s remix of “The One Left” (originally by Tropic of Cancer) is the starting track of Daniel Avery’s July 22 Rinse FM Show w/ Kolsch. The remix is available as a free download at the online PENDV store.

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AZAR SWAN remix ACE HOOD and FUTURE’s “Bugatti” — Listen at MISHKA

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 11.20.35 AM


“Hip vixen duo Azar Swan (Zohra Atash + Joshua Strawn) are taking tribe-pop indie goth waggins and the whole of net music media by storm. All walks of switched-on early adopter are falling under their mystical, alluring spell. They bandy around chic New York coolness with more gusto than any moth who loved a flame and when their overseas tour hits, poppy-happy booking agents will make Azar Swan shows sell out with zero effort at all. They are on fire.”

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BROOKLYN VEGAN Premieres B-Side “Over” from AZAR SWAN

Logo 1.0

AZAR SWAN b side

“Azar Swan have released the “In My Mouth” digital single, a two track effort out now via Pendu Sound. You can check out both tracks — including b-side “Over,” making its debut in this post — which are streamable in this post.”

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Unheard track from AZAR SWAN premiers on A HEART IS A SPADE



“Exclusives on this mix include unavailable songs from the likes of azar swan and others, melding into a sweaty goth pop fury.”

Listen to it here…

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Live recording of STARRED’s “Sure Bet” at TLA (06/20/13)


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Listen to TEMPERS Live + Interview on WNYU’s “The Afternoon Show”



Listen to it here…

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AZAR SWAN drop new mixtape for UNDER THE RADAR which includes label mates TEMPERS as well as WOODKID, VATICAN SHADOW, + more…

Azar Swan Mixtape For Under the Radar Magazine by Under_Radar_Mag on Mixcloud


1. Lydia Lunch: Burning Skulls
2. Diamanda Galas: Double-Barrel Prayer
3. Kirin J Callinan: W II W
4. Alberich: Fence Before Dawn
5. Cut Hands: Stabbers Conspiracy
6. Vatican Shadow: Jordanian Descent (Sharia Law)
7. Genesis: Mama
8. Woodkid: Run Boy Run
9. John Grant: Pale Green Ghosts (No Ceremony///Rmx)
10. Tempers: Strange Harvest
11. Azar Swan: Lovely Day (MDEX MIX)
12. DBC: Pris
13. November Novelet: So Far No Further

Listen here…

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BLACKBOOK MAG premieres Sexy New Single “In My Mouth” from AZAR SWAN


“With a spring-coiled beat, cold synth stabs, and bells that could ring in doomsday, you’re definitely poised above an abyss, sexual or otherwise. Either way, it’s a track with extreme gravity that’ll still let you move (suggestively) on the dance floor.”

See it here…

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FACT MAG premiers VON HAZE’s remix for TROPIC OF CANCER’s “The One Left”



“On their remix of ‘The One Left’, Von Haze (Travis Caine and Katherine Kin) preserve the hushed tones and uneasy ambience of the original but lay in a reverberating techno beat. The remix came along organically; all the artists involved are good friends and admirers of each other’s work. The track is offered as a free download as part of the PENDU Sound Single Series.”

Read it here…

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Mixtape by BLACK BLACK GOLD featuring TEMPERS, RL GRIME, and more …

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Listen to VON HAZE “Hazing Rituals: Transmission #3” mixtape now!!!

Hazing Rituals : Transmission #3 by Von Haze on Mixcloud

Features tracks by Barnt, Sir Stephen, Daniel Malosa, Daniel Avery, Death In Vegas and more

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NYLON premiers TEMPERS track “Strange Harvest” (Acoustic) off the “Strange Harvest” Digital Single



“Tempers’ acoustic version of the track is less eerie but just as unsettling (in a good way), with Golestaneh’s vocals front and center. ‘The title comes from a phrase in the lyrics: ‘My strange harvest / will taste sweet again.’ The song is about having compassion for the experience of depression, how it can skew your perception of reality into terrible contortions, but you can always draw hope from the transient nature of things–knowing that once clouds have passed and the darkness has shifted, things will be bright again,’ she explains.”

Listen to it here…

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Listen to SILENT DRAPE RUNNERS mixtape feat. TEMPERS and “Amrika” by AZAR SWAN

Listen to it here…

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PITCHFORK reviews TEMPERS brand new single “Strange Harvest”


“The mechanistic aspects of “Strange Harvest” remain constant throughout, an insistent thump that’s halfway between Factory and Wax Trax!, while Jasmine Golestaneh’s vocals become increasingly distorted and blown-out. Within its four minutes, the slow burn of “Strange Harvest” reaches a point of self-immolation”

Listen to it here…

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NANOSAUR remix of CHELSEA WOLFE’s “Cousins of the Antichrist”

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