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PSR-0051 – Von Haze – Kar Dee Akk Ake LP
PSR-DSS004 – Tropic Of Cancer – The One Left (Von Haze Remix)


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THE ECHO – “Brooklyn duo by way of London, VON HAZE, are the latest transplants to the booming synth scene of Lost Angeles. Equally ominous and blissful, these are synthscapes interwoven with driving Suicide-style beats and bits of buzzsaw guitar. Both of the band’s EPs (on Hippos In Tanks) and their LP (on Pendu Sound) are produced by Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas, so both Primal Scream and Spiritualized’s fuzzy and blissful collaborations with Fearless come bzzzzzing to mind…” – Read it here – 04/19/13

OPENING CEREMONY – “Von Haze’s sound is slow-paced, dark, sparse, somewhat meditative, and layered with eerie electronics.” – Read it here

THE NEW YORK TIMES – “Von Haze was on stage, playing woozy, droning rock spreading like lava. On the right was Katherine Kin, playing keys and brooding savagely. On the left was Travis Caine, playing guitar and brooding less savagely. There was almost a Gallic sensuality to the music, elemental and unambiguous about its purpose.” – Read it here


VON HAZE is: Travis Caine and Katherine Kin

Von Haze is the duo of Travis Caine and Katherine Kin. They have recently returned after living in the UK for the past year opening for Death In Vegas throughout Europe and playing shows around London. Von Haze began as a project in NYC in 2009. Prior, Katherine was working in the fashion industry for Alice Roi and Marc Jacobs and Travis was working as a woodworker and photo editor. Although they were always creatively active making music, their day jobs still held precedence. In 2009 they met Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas who later became their producer and they began recording their first music as Von Haze. Travis at that time also joined Death In Vegas as their touring guitarist. Fearless set them up to record in the famous Keyclub Recording Co., a former locksmith’s building turned music studio in Michigan where The Kills, Franz Ferdinand, and Cass McCombs have all recorded. They released a 7’’ in 2009 followed by an EP in 2010 which became the first release of the now influential indie label, Hippos In Tanks. It received praise from reviewers and had peers such as Blondes, CREEP, and White Car doing remixes for them. Their latest album “Kar Dee Akk Ake” on Pendu Sound was recorded in upstate NY on a farm in freezing weather conditions in the early part of 2011 and like their previous work, was also mixed and produced by Richard Fearless at Keyclub. This time they refined their sound even more, moving away from the washed-out shoegaze into a more restrained minimalist electronic sound while retaining that sexy and drugged feeling that only they can deliver. They moved to London in the Fall of 2011 and remained there off and on until their recent NYC return in time for CMJ this year where they played several shows, the second of which turned heads and garnered praise from the NY Times. “Kar Dee Akk Ake” is set to be released on Pendu Sound Recordings in digital format on Halloween and in stores on November 6, 2012.